Hi Everyone! I’m Jackie, creator of Morning Kawa and I am a lifestyle blogger on a budget. My goal is to be a go-to resource for inspiration while you have you morning cup of kawa (KA-VA is Polish for coffee!)

I believe that everyone can have a life they love and that having a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise style or travel.

I believe in living debt free, not trying to “keep up with the Joneses”, saving up for things I really want, and NEVER carrying a credit card balance. I thought maybe others would be able to benefit from our budgeting journey and understand that living a life they love doesn’t have to cost a lot or put you under water!

You just need to learn how to do it better AND cheaper than others might!

I am excited to teach you how I budget, save and splurge (when I can) and I hope it inspires you in some way!

Questions? Comments? Have an item you want but can’t afford? Send it my way and let me see if I can find a replica for less! morningkawa@gmail.com

7 thoughts on “about

  1. Hello there!
    I just discovered your blog. I'm a Pole living in the US but I'm thinking about moving back to Poland soon because I miss “euro” lifestyle and proximity of places. Glad you enjoy me home country!


  2. hi there. I came across your blog a few months ago when I still was in California. I moved back to Poland( Wroclaw) two months ago and it would be great to meet up for kava
    :)) if you don't mind! Cant wait to hear from an american woman how it is to live in Poland!
    here is my email: kornelia.wawrzynowicz@gmail.com


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