Lakehouse offer accepted!

Wahoo! Making a move on goal #6: downsize and move to a small lakefront cottage.

The offer was accepted on this super cute lake house (contingent on selling the “too much house” house!) I am so excited. Someone pinch me! Though this baby is a fixer upper, it will be oh so good when it’s done. Lakefront morning coffee, here I come.

I die. Hgtv do you want to feature my renovations?! IMG_9404.JPG


Goal 13: Finally Compile My Postcard Collection

Phew! I am just crossing things off my list left and right ;0

This goal (#13 Finally compile my postcard collection) is kinda a cheat because it was SUCH an easy goal for me to do! It really focused on the life mantra/T. Jefferson Quote: ‘Never put off til tomorrow what you can do today.”  And what a great motto to incorporate into my life!

Without further ado – here is a look at my coffee table box of postcards. I couldn’t love it anymore than I do right now.


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Goal 16: Start a Regular Manicure Routine

IMG_9026When I started thinking about what goals I wanted to include in my #31Goals project – I wanted to make sure I had a range – some goals that I could just do in a day, others that would be easy with a bit of dedication and then some that would take thought, time, determination and a require real change.  I did this on purpose. I wanted some self love goals that I could just stop putting off, make them a priority and just feel GOOD about crossing them off the list. You know how sometimes you make a list with things you know you are going to do that day so you can cross them off and feel accomplished. Like, “Take a shower” and you do it and think to yourself, “Check! I am already getting so much done today – go me!” – this goal is kinda like that, which brings me to one of my easier, long-term goals towards self love:

Goal 16: “Start (and continue) a regular manicure routine.”

Now, before you judge me, let me explain this goal a bit more. I swear, it isn’t as narcissistic as it sounds.

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