Chalk Paint Dresser Inspired by Pottery Barn

Yeah! What better way to start the week than with a a dresser refresh project I did for my son’s bedroom a few weeks ago.
Here’s the before and after of my dresser rehab. I die.
Keep on reading if you’re curious about how to use chalk paint for refinishing furniture, or in this case for refinishing a dresser with chalk paint. It was fun and super easy. Legit a skill level of 1 required.

Before I get started on my project, let’s take a look at my inspiration dresser. This Pottery Barn Reese extra wide dresser in Navy. Continue reading “Chalk Paint Dresser Inspired by Pottery Barn”

:: Things to Collect on Vacation

I know I haven’t posted as often as usual since I am home in the USA visiting family – so here is a special weekend post to help make up for it!

When people go on vacation, they collect a lot of things: spoons, sand, magnets, shot glasses..who knows what else. I thought I would take a minute to share with you what we collect on each of our vacations – postcards!


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:: DIY: How to Use a Wax Seal

When we were in Rome last month, we wandered into the CUTEST leather goods store (address is at the bottom of this post) and I purchased my very own wax seal! You know, the kind that they used in the olden days to seal envelopes and are now starting to make a comeback on wedding invites?! – just love it. But…this was way harder to use than I thought it would be so I wanted to share a little DIY post for you. Just in case 🙂
I didn’t have any envelopes handy, so I just used a gift tag to show you but you’ll get the idea.

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:: Holiday Tablescape with DIY Gold Leaf Table Runner

Welcome back to work for all you kids out there who had a nice long weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving. I hope it was fabulous! Our Thanksgiving was wonderful – My tablescape was even featured on HGTV‘s Instagram account. So thankful for that!
I want to take a moment to share my almost famous Thanksgiving table with you and give you a fun DIY project that involves leaves and spray paint (look at the table runner…EEK I love it!) Perfect for any holiday table 🙂 I hope you enjoy.

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:: How to Make a Rope Vase

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I am sure you have been busy searching Pinterest for ‘Thanksgiving Tablescapes’ – I know I have been.  That’s why I can’t wait to share with you my latest DIY project: a rope vase! I plan to use it for our Thanksgiving table, but you can use it all year long. Yeah! Not to mention, it’s super easy and super cheap. The best kind of DIY project.

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::DIY Paper Flowers

I keep reading articles about people “pinning” images on Pinterest and never actually doing anything with all these pins. So I decided – that will not be me! Cross my heart, I promise that I will try to bring most of my Pinterest dreams to life right here on Morning Kawa 🙂
Which brings me to my DIY Paper Flower tutorial. Inspired by Pinterest (and Martha). Made and photographed by me.

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