The House in Puerto Rico

Ahh the house in Puerto Rico…this is what really sparked my quest for simpler living!
I actually lived in this beautiful, 6,000 sq. ft. home overlooking the Caribbean Sea! It was so large that I couldn’t even fill it. It is a bit dated and since we were renters we didn’t want to invest into restoring the home back to it’s original glory. I literally had cabinets, rooms and basements EMPTY. There were rooms I don’t think I went in once. It took me 3 days just to clean it… this wasn’t the life I wanted.
This home with ocean views is on top of a mountain in Ponce, PR. It’s hard to believe I didn’t want to stay here forever, isn’t it?  
20 back of houseb

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The Wroclaw Apartment

When I think about what I mean by simple living, I think about my old apartment in Wroclaw. It was small but every corner of this apartment was filled with something I loved! There was no wasted space. I didn’t have the space to store things I didn’t love. So I loved every. single. inch of this apartment in Wroclaw, Poland – that’s what I mean by simple living! Loving what you have.

I am still just as in love with this Almi Decor designed apartment as I was the day I moved in 4 years ago… ahh. This apartment takes me to my happy place and is the inspiration for my new house design here in Michigan.. if only I could get the view back. And be back in Europe. Sigh.

I still pinch myself that at one time I DID live here. Enjoy the tour! PS I know I have more photos I need to find to fully complete this tour!


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Ring Bearer Bowl

One of my favorite things – and something that makes the cut while I am going through my house and purging everything that comes in my path – is from my wedding. This was my ring bearer bowl with the description, “Lately I have realized the best is yet to come.”
Oh how true that is!? I love it now more than I did 5 years ago!

Another Door Knocker

I know, I know. I post a lot of photos of lion door knockers. I just can’t help it 🙂 BUT, this one is my favorite and I need to find one like it. It’s my favorite mostly because of its size (it’s maybe about 5 inches tall)? Isn’t it the cutest?!

Here is a photo for scale.

This door knocker can be found at Hotel Tumski in Wroclaw, Poland. I just love it!!

Intricate Doors in Wroclaw

One of my favorite things to photograph are doors. I LOVE doors, especially doors in Europe. These are, quite possibly, some of the best doors I have ever seen. And they happen to be right here in Wroclaw. Take a look:
Sigh. Aren’t they beautiful?
Now, when I tell you these are doors to a church, doesn’t that seem fitting? I haven’t been inside the church yet, but these doors make me want to find out more about Kościół Opatrzności Bożej.