The Wroclaw Apartment

When I think about what I mean by simple living, I think about my old apartment in Wroclaw. It was small but every corner of this apartment was filled with something I loved! There was no wasted space. I didn’t have the space to store things I didn’t love. So I loved every. single. inch of this apartment in Wroclaw, Poland – that’s what I mean by simple living! Loving what you have.

I am still just as in love with this Almi Decor designed apartment as I was the day I moved in 4 years ago… ahh. This apartment takes me to my happy place and is the inspiration for my new house design here in Michigan.. if only I could get the view back. And be back in Europe. Sigh.

I still pinch myself that at one time I DID live here. Enjoy the tour! PS I know I have more photos I need to find to fully complete this tour!


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Intricate Doors in Wroclaw

One of my favorite things to photograph are doors. I LOVE doors, especially doors in Europe. These are, quite possibly, some of the best doors I have ever seen. And they happen to be right here in Wroclaw. Take a look:
Sigh. Aren’t they beautiful?
Now, when I tell you these are doors to a church, doesn’t that seem fitting? I haven’t been inside the church yet, but these doors make me want to find out more about Kościół Opatrzności Bożej.

Decorating Eggs in Poland

I know, I know. Easter was months ago… I just totally forgot to post about this fun little Polish tradition: decorating Easter eggs.
Ok, I also know that painting eggs is nothing really new to Americans, as it is something that we also do. However, the eggs that are decorated here in Wroclaw (and all of Poland for that matter) are phenomenal!! They are hand beaded or decorated with paper cut designs. So very intricate. Here’s a photo of one we received this past holiday (white beads on white paint make it hard to see, but it is lovely).

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:: A Cute Shop in Notting Hill, London

I am officially back in Wroclaw after a fabulous trip to London! Of course, I took a ton of photos that I will be sure to post soon but I just could not wait to share THIS store with you: a store only for door knobs/door knockers! EEK! Imagine my excitement when we just stumbled upon it while strolling through Notting Hill. My heaven!

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