Pergola Inspiration

Pergola Inspiration

With every project, I start with an inspiration photo (or two, or three). What do I want this space to FEEL like? Not necessarily look like – not yet at least. I create a board on Pinterest and I pin away. What do I like? What don’t I like (almost as important as what I like)? What do I want out of this space? After I pin a series of images, I go back and see what they have in common and narrow down my vision – deleting some pins in the process.

Here is a look at the main images that inspired my very own Pergola!!!

pergola inspiration
1, 2, 3
4, 5

Swoonworthy right? Oh, and based on the images I loved, I also knew I NEEDED to have curtains and black+white stripes

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:: Vitbis Christmas Ornaments, Made in Poland

I know I teased you a bit with my Christmas Ornament post last week, so here it is – a factory tour of Christmas bulb manufacturer Vitbis right here in Poland! This is the largest hand-made glass ornament factory in Poland and one of the largest in all of Europe. And because Christmas is in just a few days (or, maybe just because?), get ready for some Vitbis GLITTER!!!

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::Dawny Bastion Wroclaw

While walking through the streets of Wroclaw, I instantly fell in love with the crumbling structure of the Dawny Bastion Sakwowy in Wroclaw (also known as Partisan Hill). It’s not listed as a ‘top sight to see’ anywhere and, in fact, it is hard to find in guidebooks at all but it might just be my favorite building in all of Wroclaw for the potential I see here.
When I wander through the stairs and columns, I get this rich feeling that is just so hard to capture in photos. In fact, I took some photos for this post a few days ago and while going through them, I just couldn’t find images that captured what I was feeling. So, I went back to the Bastion this morning to see if I was imagining things. Thankfully, I was not (phew!) – I was brought right back to that feeling of a grand history again this morning.
After some digging, I found some photos of what this building looked like once upon a time. Even though this goes against my blogger oath to only use my own photos, I feel that I need to lead with an image I found from before WWII to help get your mind into the feeling I am trying to convey. I want you to feel the potential I see here and I think this image helps to show just that.
Anyways, here is what it looks like today. (The tower above was removed during WWII so it could not be used as a reference point.) I know it sounds strange, but I can just see a fantastic, extravagant party happening here. Let me show you how.

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::Dresden, Germany

As some of you may know, my goal is to travel to (at least) one new destination a month while we are living here in Poland. This month, our city was Dresden, Germany. Dresden is only a 2.5 hour drive from Wroclaw and is perfect for a one night getaway – not too big, not too small – it’s just right! We were blessed with beautiful Fall weather as we walked the streets experiencing German biergartens, outdoor markets and fabulous scenery.
Welcome to Dresden. First Stop: The market for some beer and brats, of course!

And, in our typical vacation fashion, we just walked along the streets admiring the sights…
It’s hard to imagine that Dresden was pretty much destroyed by WWII and had to be completely rebuilt from the ground up. (If you have a chance, check out this Google Image search to see the destruction that was Dresden. It will give you an even greater appreciation for the beauty of the city.)

A double decker horse cart
(Even though I am against taking carriage rides in cities, I have never seen this before and thought it warranted a photo.)
Since moving to Europe, I have a newly found obsession with doors. Dresden is no different. Ah-mazing!
The Procession of Princes – made up of 23,000 painted porcelain tiles. The procession starts with Konrad the Great (ruler from 1127-1165) and ends with Saxony’s last king – Friedrich August III (ruler 1904-1918). It’s located near the Hilton Hotel and is a sight worth seeing.
{Look for the procession on the wall straight ahead.}
Frauenkirche – Rebuilt from rubble and just reopened in 2005!
Left: The dark stones on the Frauenkirche are from the original structure.
Right: I couldn’t help but snap a photo of the gold mermaid. Halloween idea anyone?
View from the Bruhl Terrace.
And so begins our long walk to the most beautiful milk store in the world {according to the Guinness Book of World Records}. Kids, this is a FAR walk from the city and I don’t think anyone else in our group enjoyed visiting a milk store as much as I did. #sorrynotsorry We did, however, see some sights, accompanied by a great view of the city center.
And, then we found it: Pfund’s Dairy Store opened in 1880! Pictures were not allowed, but I had to try to sneak a few after making everyone walk 30+ minutes to get here 🙂 Every square inch of the store is covered in tile. Lovely. Insider tip: don’t try the buttermilk.
{Sights near the milk store included a hair salon and duster store.}
But, low and behold, all was not lost!
After a {few} beer{s}, we made our way back to mainland and found more gorgeousness in Dresden.
Next up: Zwinger Gardens – my favorite part of Dresden.
Nymph Fountain is surrounded by, you guessed it, Nymphs statues!
Just can’t get over these grounds.
Look,  we have friends! Here is an image to prove we made friends in Wroclaw 😉
So many details {as is most of Europe}.
A hot air ballon over the church. Quite possibly my favorite photo I have taken to date ❤
We finished our trip with a visit to the green vault.
Again, we weren’t able to take photos of the thousands of jewels in the vault, but here is an image from the museum of one of my favorite pieces. Insider tip: there are two ‘green’ vaults. Know which one you are interested in before you go. The historic vault requires timed admittance and tickets purchased in advance.
This is a dipiction of a birthday celebration in the far east. It is composed of 4,909 diamonds, 160 rubies, 164 emeralds, a sapphire, 16 pearls and two cameos.
All in all, Dresden is a great place to visit and we thouroughly enjoyed our time here. We are planning a return trip in December to visit the Christmas Markets that we have heard so much about. If you’re planning a trip, two days is plenty of time (unless you plan on touring every museum here – then, of course, you may need to allocate more time).
Xo my lovlies!

::Vienna, Austria (Part III)

Our second day in Vienna was filled less with tourist attractions and more of experiencing the local flair (since the town was now open after being closed the day before due to a national holiday). What an amazing place. This is why I love this city.  Each corner more beautiful than the last. I just cannot wait to come back. Two days was just not enough. Here is a look into our second (and final) day in Vienna, Austria.

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::Vienna, Austria (Part II)

Ahhh…There is still so much beauty in Vienna for me to share with you. Just ‘sip’ back and enjoy your dose of Morning Kawa.
Starting from where I left off in Part I of Vienna, let us now go to the Hofburg Imperial Palace. Before visiting Vienna, this palace defines what I imagined the city to be: grand buildings, gold trimmings, Tiffany blue copper tops, complete with intricate fountains. The Imperial Palace was all that and more.

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