Hello to a New Morning Kawa

Hello to a New Morning Kawa

IMG_2051Since leaving Poland 3 years ago, I have been trying literally for years to find my new blog focus. If you’ve been a long time follower, you know I have tried a few things. Travel. Home Decor. Goal setting. Mom life. Idk. Nothing really stuck. I felt so blah compared to the other bloggers out there who frankly just did “it” better than me. More trips, better clothes, prettier houses. That wasnt me. I couldn’t compete and I certainly I didn’t want to pay to try. I don’t have millions of followers. Brands aren’t paying me to stay in their hotels or wear their clothes (note: totally open to that any brands out there, just sayin’!) Plus, now that I am back in the USA, I’m not jet setting to Paris for the weekend anymore, I’m more umm driving to the Dallas Zoo… far less glam and something I didnt think anyone would be interested in. So I just let my blog sit here for awhile empty until I could figure it out.

Until today while balancing my monthly budget, It just clicked: I am a lifestyle blogger  – but I have a budget!

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Pergola Inspiration

Pergola Inspiration

With every project, I start with an inspiration photo (or two, or three). What do I want this space to FEEL like? Not necessarily look like – not yet at least. I create a board on Pinterest and I pin away. What do I like? What don’t I like (almost as important as what I like)? What do I want out of this space? After I pin a series of images, I go back and see what they have in common and narrow down my vision – deleting some pins in the process.

Here is a look at the main images that inspired my very own Pergola!!!

pergola inspiration
1, 2, 3
4, 5

Swoonworthy right? Oh, and based on the images I loved, I also knew I NEEDED to have curtains and black+white stripes

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The Wroclaw Apartment

When I think about what I mean by simple living, I think about my old apartment in Wroclaw. It was small but every corner of this apartment was filled with something I loved! There was no wasted space. I didn’t have the space to store things I didn’t love. So I loved every. single. inch of this apartment in Wroclaw, Poland – that’s what I mean by simple living! Loving what you have.

I am still just as in love with this Almi Decor designed apartment as I was the day I moved in 4 years ago… ahh. This apartment takes me to my happy place and is the inspiration for my new house design here in Michigan.. if only I could get the view back. And be back in Europe. Sigh.

I still pinch myself that at one time I DID live here. Enjoy the tour! PS I know I have more photos I need to find to fully complete this tour!


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Getaway Guide: Venice and Murano, Italy

Ahhh… Venice, Italy. What a dream it was to be able to visit! Here’s my getaway guide to visiting Venice and Murano in 2 days! Yes, you CAN see Venice in only a few days!

Venice (like Greece) was another city on my list of “must visit destinations while living in Poland.” Since our time living in Europe is quickly coming to an end (NOOO!!!!) we had to fit this trip in ASAP! So, like many of our other trips, we purchased a ticket via RyanAir for under $100 and off we went. However, unlike our other trips, we now had baby H in tow! Let me tell you though, traveling with a baby was SO much easier than I thought it would be. Anyways, back to Venice.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of Venice as I have heard some people hate it and some love it. I, personally, really really really liked Venice and it does top my list of my favorite cities I have visited. Here’s why. Continue reading “Getaway Guide: Venice and Murano, Italy”

Wroclaw Soccer…er, Football

When we moved to Wroclaw, one of the things we really wanted to do was see a Wroclaw Slask football err. soccer game. (Ahh the dreaded ‘soccer vz. football’ wording; we Americans have made these terms so confusing!) Anyways, back in September we had the chance to attend a game and it really was awesome! Here’s a bit about visiting the stadium. What a great way to capitalize on the ‘experiences over material items’ craze!
Now, it may not look like many people were here but this cheering section was Loud with a capital L.  When I say it was loud, I am not kidding we could hear Continue reading “Wroclaw Soccer…er, Football”

Intricate Doors in Wroclaw

One of my favorite things to photograph are doors. I LOVE doors, especially doors in Europe. These are, quite possibly, some of the best doors I have ever seen. And they happen to be right here in Wroclaw. Take a look:
Sigh. Aren’t they beautiful?
Now, when I tell you these are doors to a church, doesn’t that seem fitting? I haven’t been inside the church yet, but these doors make me want to find out more about Kościół Opatrzności Bożej.